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Professional Termite Inspections throughout Southwestern OH

Termites can threaten the structural integrity of your home. Be aware of potential termite problems before you move in by having Feltz Home Inspection complete a termite inspection on your new property in Wilmington and throughout Southwestern Ohio. 

Termites can be the cause of significant stress and expense, but with help from our experienced team, it can also be entirely preventable. We also inspect for powder post beetles and carpenter ants.

Think You Might Have Termite Damage?

Termite damage is more common than you think, but a simple termite inspection could prevent severe damage and costly fixes in the future.  Termites are active year-round, cause nearly $5 billion in property damage in the U.S. every year, and they can fit through small cracks.

Signs of termite damage include:

  • Mud Tubes
  • Shedded Wings
  • Droppings
  • Hollow Wood & Flooring Blisters 

Call us today to schedule your termite inspection—we’ll let you know if we see signs of damage in your new home.

Act Fast Before It Gets Worse

If you suspect that termites have infested your home, don’t wait to act. Call Feltz Home Inspection today, and schedule your termite services. Our team will get to the bottom of it, and leave you with a detailed report in no time.

Why Get Termite Inspection?

Termites could be active, even if you can’t see them. Active termites can severely damage your home, and even compromise its structural integrity. If you live in a wooded area or you’re purchasing a new home, we recommend scheduling a termite inspection. By identifying any problems early on, we can help you save money, time, and hassle in the future. 

We Know What To Look For

After many years of providing termite inspections for our community, we’ve learned what to look for. Before the damage sets in, we’ll get out to your home and give it a thorough inspection to detect potential areas where termites may be. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, let us help you take control of the situation. 

Book Your Termite Inspection Today

Termites are a threat to your home’s structure and safety. If you think you may have termites, turn to Feltz Home Inspection. We provide termite inspections in Wilmington, OH and throughout Southwestern OH, including Xenia, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. 

Call us today to book your termite inspection. If you’re a service member, we provide no-cost termite inspections. 

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